Extremely Hydrophobic And Durable Protection Backed By A Lifetime Warranty.

5 star reviews on google and facebook


Extremely Hydrophobic And Durable Protection Backed By A Lifetime Warranty.

5 Star Reviews on Google and Facebook
Autobahn Paint Protection Film

Autobahn Paint protection Film


At XPress Window Tinting LLC, we use only the highest quality paint protection film (PPF) products on the market, specifically the Autobahn Incognito PPF. This film provides superior protection for your vehicle's paint against discoloration, cracking, crazing, blistering, peeling, and delamination.

The Autobahn Incognito PPF is sold with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, ensuring that you have peace of mind knowing your investment is protected for the long term. To ensure that the warranty is valid, the PPF must be installed by an authorized Autobahn dealer, such as XPress Window Tinting LLC. We take pride in our work and are committed to providing our customers with the best possible protection and service.

Paint Protection Features

With Lifetime Warranty Quality

XP Window Tinting takes pride in offering the latest advancements in paint protection technology to their customers. They are dedicated to providing high-quality products and services that meet the ever-evolving needs of vehicle owners. By staying on top of the latest advancements in their field, XP Window Tinting is able to offer their customers the best possible paint protection solution.

Whether you're looking to protect your car from scratches, UV rays, harsh chemicals, or anything else, you can count on XP Window Tinting to have the latest and greatest technology available. With a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the automotive industry, XP Window Tinting is the perfect choice for anyone looking for reliable and effective paint protection.

  • Matches Paint Finish Extreme Gloss Finish. 6 mils thick. Anti-Contamination. Stain Resistant. UV-Resistant and anti yellowing.
  • Lifetime Warranty Autobahn paint protection film is warrantied for a lifetime against delamination, yellowing, bubbling and cracking.
  • Self Healing Autobahn is the premier self-healing paint protection film, simply leave in the sun to heal small scratches, dings, and more. Hydrophobic. Stain-Resistant. Highly Contamination-Resistant. Highly Stain-Resistant. Highly Chemical-Resistant.
  • Multi Surface Protection Autobahn’s advanced lines offer protection that keeps paint, rubber, and plastic from aging. Surfaces look brilliant while preserving color.
Autobahn Paint Protection

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